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Eligibilty Criteria

The Association shall admit ordinary/honorary/Associate/Affiliated/Institutional/ Corporate members from all or any of the following categories. However, the membership of the Association shall be subject to final approval by Central Executive Committee (CEC).

  • Any company/firm engaged in manufacturing and processing and assembling activities and other industrial activities and commodities or any such products used by the common man/industries in India or in any other country.
  • Any company/firm/individual engaged in imparting services like consultancy and other professional services.
  • All individuals or organizations or association engaged in promotion of industrial activities or services either in private or public sector, subject to prior approval of CEC at a regular meeting.
  • The CEC can also enroll as members such individuals who in opinion of CEC have contributed or are competent to contribute their services for the benefit and performance of the objective of the society. Such membership shall automatically terminate on the 30 th day of June next after the date of nomination. However the CEC in its discretion may by resolution, from year to year continue such membership for the ensuring year.
  • The CEC can also enroll life members as well as patrons of the society.

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